Hydraulic Lifts

Power Fortun elevators & escalators has judiciously selected the cream of the products from one of the global leaders in hydraulics namely GMV MARTINI SPA of italy to offer the very best product in keeping with international standards .Our”Power Fortun elevators & escalators”well trained and equipped to install and maintain hydraulic lifts thereby ensuring trouble free operation free operation.

  • Easy to install & maintain.
  • It operates on single phase as well as 3 phase power.
  • Eliminates machine room at the top
  • Compact space for the shaft.
  • Hydraulic power pack can be housed adjacent to the lift shaft.

Villa Elevators (Glass & Metals)

This is the high class with an elegant stainless steel frame that holds the glass rigidly and has no sharp edges or visible screws.Also provides a good view at the landlings.

There is a great demand for compact home elevators in individual bunglows and residential requirements and to carter to this segment,we offer different types and size of home elevators.

We offer the MRL tractions elevators with the capasity of 3 or 6 passengers to cater to typical small family needs.This system will not require regular machine room arrangement for installation and theree phase power supply for its operation.

We also have in our range hydraulic home lift with passenger capacity on 3 persons and this system does not require a special room and the poser pack can be accomodated anywhere in the ground floor of the building .This also has an advantage that in operates with a normal poser supply of single phase.