About Our Company

Welcome to Power Fortun

“POWER FORTUN ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS PVT. LTD.,” – brand in-the-making. Keep your expectations sky-high”.


What makes an Elevator, a jerk-free, vibration-free, smooth ride, an experience you wish to come to, again and again? Ask the experts POWER FORTUN ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS PVT. LTD., the people who have virtually grown up-learning the nuts and bolts of everything that has to do with elevators, over a fulfilling period of 8 years. In fact, we believe that our product matches the best in the world. Established as the latest entrant to the Indian elevator industry, our Elevators are poised to make waves with their lasting quality, reliability and safety throughout the life cycle.

The product range embraces a wide spectrum from passenger and freight elevators to hospital and service elevators, and is backed up by highly qualified and trained manpower, thereby assuring timely installation and trouble-free operation year after year.

Our Elevators are mainly driven by 3 Unique Selling Propositions (USPs):

A:Jerk-free starting/stopping,

B:Accurate leveling and vibration-free travel and c) Cost efective it consumes less energy thereby reducing energy costs.


Which technology makes an elevator a jerk free, vibration-free, smooth ride and with minimal break downs.

Ask the experts Power Fortun Elevators and Escalators a brand that stands for ourstanding product and quality and innovative technologies for the life of a building. Power Fortun peoples are virtually grown up learning the nuts and bolts of everything that has to do over a fulfilling period of 7 years. Power Fortun Team have experience of more then 7 years in the field of installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators, by utilizing advanced technology.

Our Core Features

Experience Allows Us To Elevator Works Things


Our Mission

To provide safe lift operation and customer friendly services by continuously improving the operational effectiveness. To build and drive an_ organization of high values in delivering performance as one of the top.

Our Vision

To be the largest selling elevators manufacturing company beyond boundaries by adhering to the world class standards. Ensuring high quality services’ with integrity, transparency accountability, safely and deliverability as top priority to all those who come along trusting our values.

A Word About Quality

Power Fortun quality policy is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by fulfilling their needs through tactically excellent product and precise.

Our Values

Passionate for success – when our customers succeed, we succeed Dedicated to meeting budgets and deadlines, regardless of adversities Creative – whether innovating products or embracing changes Vibrant – building a workplace which encourages active participation.

Ecological Impact

Environmental concerns guide our design process and inspire our innovation. Power Fortun elevators conserve up 70% of energy that conventional elevators would otherwise use. Within our facilities we recycle lubricant oils, and all other recyclable materials.

Our Quality

We place great value in the certification of the quality and reliability of our elevators, selecting and evaluating our suppliers according to the strictest criteria and carefully inspecting incoming raw materials and parts. We carry out sample checks on intermediate products and fully test every final product before they leave our facilities.

Our Engineering

Our range of products continues to evolve according to the needs of customers. Whether custom-designed, or part of our standard line of elevators, our cabins and doors harmonize with the aesthetics of every building, from ordinary residences to industrial premise, from small cabins to high-specification panoramic glass cabins.

Our range of products in continually expanding in order to meet customer needs, whether as custom made products or part of our standard lines and_ also includes vandal resistant elevators in accordance to the EN 81-71 standard, Fire resistant elevator in accordance with EN 81-72 Standard.